Christmas vacation from 24-12 to 07-01

Charger Composites will be closed for the Christmas and new years holiday from 24-12 until 07-01. we will check our email daily so we can be reached, but the office phone will not be answered. The whole staff at Charger wishes you all merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Charger boat lottery during the 2015 Worlds in Rauma Finland

Photo 15.8.2011 13.51.15

Charger Composites will donate a Norlin MkIII OD as a lottery item at the 2015 World Championships in Rauma Finland. All entered sailors will take part in the lottery which will be held during one of the evening events. A guest of honour will take the first name out of the hat, then that person will come and take out the next name, and so on until there is only two names left. Out of those two another special guest will draw the winner. The winner will go home with a brand new boat. So all competitors in the 2015 World Championships have the chance to win a brand new boat. Another good reason to come to Rauma next summer.

Evert and Annika Aartsen

Charger Composites