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What is needed to build a quality boat and why:

State of the art facility:

In order to manufacture a high quality composite boat the environment in which this boat is build is critical. Modern resins are state of the art and the strength to weight ratio has improved tremendously in the last decade. In order to use those materials to their full potential it is critical that temperature, humidity, pollution level etc. surrounding the process are optimal. Where some boat manufacturers do not seam to understand the importance of controlling the building environment , Charger Composites has made extensive investments and when we build our current facility where we moved into in 2008 we spend 25% of the total cost in our air conditioning system. This was in our opinion the first big step to a superior product.

Strong competence:

Another obvious need is strong competence. It is critical that the builders are well educated and experienced. Both practical experience and theoretical understanding of the fibers and chemicals used are critical. And of course the more experience directly related to the product the better. At Charger Composites we build our teams based on product related experience for example the two leading employees in our 2.4 production line have been building over 550 2.4’s and in our kayak production we have several team members that have build over 6000 sea kayaks. We are proud of our builders and they take great pride in their job.

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The best possible materials:

Every product demands its own material choice in order to reach the max potential. We are taking this to an extreme and most of the directional fiber cloths we are using today are custom produced for us. We calculate our lay-ups and then come up with the ideal materials, often these materials are standard not available on the market, in those cases we have it custom produced for us. At this moment 65% of all directional fibers we use are designed by us and custom produced for us. We refuse to cut corners.


High quality tools:

The quality of the tools and machines used are important to produce any product but in boat building this is even more so. The moulds are an essential part of this. Without superb moulds you cannot build a high end product. This is the reason why we are building all our moulds in-house, we do not trust anyone else with the production of our most important tools. This way we know exactly what we are working with.

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Systematic thinking:

When you build products in bigger series you have the opportunity to build a working system where every single step gets repeated for every boat. By doing things the same way over and over again the risk of mistakes becomes nearly zero. You will also get better at what you do when you do it the same way many times. Of course it has a positive effect on efficiency. We have learned to build systems for production and have become very clever in production planning so every product gets build according to very detailed production manuals. We even use external consultants to make sure we did not miss a thing.

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Extreme Quality Control:

No matter how good your facility, Competence, Tools and systems are mistakes are always made at some stage. In order to make sure that no (or at least nearly non) mistakes will leave through our doors, we have a very strict quality control system where every single product will go through an extensive quality check. We use checklists that will be worked through step by step by our quality surveyor.